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Our entry is a VR experience of the Consols Transfer Office. Using Unity 3D we have enabled the user to stand in the space, look around and also control the day lighting & artificial lighting with an Xbox controller. We have done as much research as possible to make sure that we represented the building accurately. All things have been considered and looked at, including the buildings orientation, the suns direction, the surrounding buildings, materials used, old drawings done by Sir John Soane himself, Old photos and also the colour temperatures of the sky created from the suns Tyndall effect on the atmosphere. The Interactive starts in the Consols Transfer Office at 7am and allows the user to cycle through the day using the controller (15 minute increments). all the way to 5pm which, in winter solstice will be night time. The artificial lighting scheme has been designed very carefully... with great thought into lighting products and placement. All lights have been hidden (as much as possible) and are there to compliment & highlight the architectural features at night. These can be switched on and off by the user with the controller. Software used: 3ds Max, Vray & Unity 3D