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A worldwide crowdsourcing effort to virtually reconstruct Sir John Soane’s treasured Bank of England, lost to history in what is considered one the greatest architectural travesties.
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Project Soane in the News

005 placed
Shades of Grey: Bull in a China Shop

That's me.  Plugging away at my current hobby horse.  So my eyes fell on Tivoli Corner, and first of all I had to do a quick job on the amphora.  Actually it's fine as it is for most purposes, but my perfectionist side was peeping...

002 SO-2
Shades of Grey: The Continuing Saga of John Soane

Another weekend of following my nose wherever it leads.  I'm going to start with the Stock Office, which is where I ended up. This is still a Generic Model family, inserted into my base model. My last couple of hours was spent studying the desks/counters and...

009 angles
Shades of Grey: Project Soane - A Sense of Scale

Four weeks ago I dragged my son Tom around a bunch of John Soane buildings in London, taking photos like a nutter.  There are 3 churches, his tomb, the Dulwich Picture Gallery, his house in Lincolns Inn, and of course the Bank of England (what's left...

VIDEO: Project Soane - Make History with Us

HP in alliance with Autodesk, NVIDIA, RAMSA, CASE, and CG Architect, launched the first of its kind crowdsourced BIM project to re-create Sir John Soane’s Bank of England. Join the mission at ‘Like” Project Soane on Facebook and follow @projectsoane on Twitter.  #projectsoane [embed][/embed]...

BIMThoughts: Project Soane Podcast

In this episode of BIMThoughts we talk about how to Participate in a worldwide crowdsourcing effort to virtually reconstruct the lost treasure that is Sir John Soane’s Bank of England. Join Autodesk®, HP, NVIDIA, Robert A.M. Stern Architects, CASE, CGarchitect and Sir John Soane’s Museum...

Architizer: Help Re-create a Soane Masterpiece

“Funnily enough, I think Sir John Soane might have liked the Digital Age,” says Robert Stern, Founder and Senior Partner of Robert A.M. Stern Architects, referring to the neoclassicist architect as perhaps the “first modern architect,” one who had both “a firm grasp of history,...

The New Yorker: Architecture’s King of Tradition

Le Corbusier had his thick, circular glasses. Frank Lloyd Wright had his porkpie hat and cape. Robert A. M. Stern has a two-point pocket square—usually matched to his tie, sometimes his shirt, but almost always as part of a full-dress ensemble, with only occasional excursions...

Project Soane Launches Virtually Worldwide

When the majority of the Bank of England building, expanded and reworked by Sir John Soane from 1788 to 1833, was demolished in the 1920s in the course of a new renovation, London lost an architectural treasure.Project Soane, a crowdsourcing effort launched yesterday at an...